New flight schedule implements at Dehradun Airport

Another Doon-Delhi air service to commence from November 9


A new schedule of flights is implemented at the Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun applicable w.e.f. from Sunday, 25th of October. The Jolly Grant Airport Authority of Dehradun has issued an autumn schedule for flights operating at the airport.

In another development, on the occasion of State Foundation Day on the 9th of November, Vistara Airlines will be commencing with air service between Dehradun and Delhi. After the introduction of this service, another viable Doon-Delhi air service option will be available for those traveling by air. The expansion of air services will also promote pilgrimage in Uttarakhand.

New Flight Schedule at Jolly Grant Airport, Dehradun:

Incoming Flights
Delhi-Dehradun 07:20 AM
Delhi-Dehradun 08:10 AM
Mumbai-Dehradun 08:35 AM
Delhi-Dehradun 09:05 AM
Mumbai-Dehradun 10:05 AM
Pantnagar-Dehradun 10:30 AM
Bengaluru-Dehradun 11:40 AM
Delhi-Dehradun 12:40 PM
Delhi-Dehradun 02:40 PM
Bengaluru-Dehradun 03:10 PM
Kolkata-Doon 04:00 PM
Delhi-Dehradun 04:15 PM
Lucknow-Dehradun 05:25 PM
Delhi-Dehradun 06:45 PM
Delhi-Dehradun 07:10 PM

Outgoing Flights
Dehradun-Pantnagar 08:00 AM
Dehradun-Delhi 08:30 AM
Dehradun-Mumbai 09:15 AM
Dehradun-Delhi 09:45 AM
Dehradun-Mumbai 10:40 AM
Dehradun-Delhi 11:00 AM
Dehradun-Hyderabad 12:25 PM
Dehradun-Delhi 01:15 PM
Dehradun-Delhi 03:20 PM
Dehradun-Bengaluru 03:55 PM
Dehradun-Kolkata 04:30 PM
Dehradun-Delhi 05:15 PM
Dehradun-Lucknow 06:00 PM
Dehradun-Delhi 07:15 PM
Dehradun-Delhi 07:50 PM



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