Going to Gym in COVID – YEA or NAY


As part of the Unlock 3.0 guidelines issued by the MoHA, the gymnasiums and fitness institutions were allowed to operate w.e.f. 5th of August. Gyms are a place where the risk of contracting the coronavirus is comparatively high, and which is why one needs to be extra cautious while working out. We talked to a couple of gym owners as well as gymgoers to know what everybody has to say about the reopening of gyms.

Ashu Kandari, the owner of Dungeon Gym & Spa on Balbir Road, says, “As soon as the guidelines regarding the reopening of gyms were issued, we laid out a proper precautionary plan of action before opening our gym. From conducting temperature checks at the entry points to placing hand sanitizers at several points, to thoroughly sanitizing the entire gym before both the shifts, we’ve been taking every safety measure to avoid transmission of the virus. We have a dedicated staff to clean the equipment after each use and allow only a limited number of customers at a time. Though it isn’t advisable to wear masks while heavy working out, we make sure our trainers are always wearing the same while instructing to be 100% safe and sure from our side.”

Yogesh Singla, the owner of Anytime Fitness on Rajpur Road, says, “We implemented several COVID precautionary measures before reopening our gym. Some of these measures are equipping the entry points with thermal scanners and oximeters to regularly monitor the health of our customers, practising social distancing by putting alternative cardio machines to use, and sanitizing all the cardio and weight training equipment after each use. We’ve made sure that all the customers get their own water bottles and towels to ensure minimal common contact points. We do not allow those customers to exercise who are unwell. All our training and the supporting staff wear masks, face shields, and other protective gear at all times to ensure maximum safety. This pandemic doesn’t seem to end any time soon and we all need to learn to start living with it.”

Swati, a software engineer by profession, says, “Due to our hectic work-from-home schedule, my husband and I wanted to re-join the gym. As the guidelines for reopening gyms were out, we started with our research for the gym offering the best precautionary measures to curb the spreading of the virus. After choosing a satisfactory place, we finally joined keeping in mind all the necessary precautions from our side.”

Manish Maithani, a city-based businessman and an avid bodybuilder, says, “I’d been eagerly waiting for the gyms to reopen as I personally feel that staying indoors won’t do any good, and one should work on his/her immunity by going out and exercise. Moreover, COVID isn’t going away any time sooner and so we need to adapt ourselves to this all-new phase of life by normalizing our day-to-day activities.”

Shiva Gupta, a Doon-based real-estate entrepreneur, and a fitness enthusiast says, “During the pre-COVID times, gym time used to be the best time of my day, but as the world-wide pandemic started, my workout got hampered due to imposing of lockdown. As the gyms re-opened in August, I was tempted to re-join but didn’t want to take any risk of contracting the virus as gyms fall into one of the most virus contracting prone places. To keep my body in shape, I’ve been working out at home as well as going for treks.”


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