Private schools in Uttarakhand to be opened on more than 50 percent attendance

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In a new development, private schools will not open if there is less than 50 percent attendance in high school and intermediate classes. This decision was taken by the Principal Progressive School Association while discussing the SOP regarding the opening of schools. The association pointed out several flaws in the SOP and demanded Secretary Education, Dr. R. Meenakshi Sundaram, to rectify the same, without which it would difficult to open any school.

On Tuesday, a virtual meeting of the owners and principals of 51 private schools associated with the association was held. Association President Prem Kashyap said that all the school operators have expressed their inability to run the schools at less than 50% attendance. He also expressed displeasure over the decision to take action against the schools.

Kashyap said that thousands of deaths had taken place for which no doctor was blamed. Similarly, the school management cannot be blamed. He said that 18 out of 24 hours a day the child will be with his parents, so how can schools be blamed for any kind of danger, where the child will only stay for six hours.


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