Air Pollution in Dehradun touches alarming levels; AQI 238 worrisome

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Air pollution in the state capital Dehradun reached alarming levels with an average pollution level (AQI) of 238, which is considered dangerous for health. Areas such as Raipur, Clementown, and Connaught Place had a quite unhealthy pollution level of 315. Delhi and the surrounding areas are facing the problem of dangerous levels of pollution due to the burning of straw.

As per levels recorded by, Dehradun’s atmosphere was found to have a carbon content of 1064 micrograms per unit. Apart from this, the amount of other polluting elements in the atmosphere was also found to be much higher than normal. The number of nitrogen oxides was 42 and that of the highly dangerous gas sulfur dioxide was 16 micrograms per unit.

According to experts, the main reason behind the alarming levels of environmental pollution in Dehradun is low rainfall. The excessive smoke and polluting elements from the vehicles are cited as one of the major causes of pollution in the capital. Moreover, the level of noise pollution in the capital was 62.94, which is considered to be harmful to humans. Fireworks on Diwali can add to the level of noise pollution as well as air pollution.


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