Check Out Doon Valley’s Oldest Running Eateries


Being a small quaint town, Dehradun bears the pre-Independence colonial-era feel. Through this article, let us talk about the oldest running eating joints in Dehradun along with the rich history that these joints have to offer.

Sunrise Bakers | 1950s
Located in the narrow yet ever-crowded Ghosi Gali in Paltan Bazaar is this small, cute, warm bakery that is known for its wide variety of biscuits and other bakery items. Butter Pista Biscuits is the most hot-selling product and the owner claims to have customers from not only Dehradun but nationally and internationally as well.

Butter Pista Biscuits

Harmeet Singh Jolly, one of the co-owners of Sunrise Bakery, says, “This bakery was started by our father Harnam Singh Jolly 71 years ago. We migrated from Pakistan during Independence and started a bakery in partnership in Paltan Bazaar itself. Soon after we left that venture and started with our own separate unit. At present, my brother Amardeep and I are running the bakery. All of our products have a long shelf life as we’ve been using the purest and best quality raw materials since inception. We have customers from pan-India as well as abroad. Many boarding school students from Doon regularly parcel biscuits from our bakery to their relatives overseas. We aren’t into wholesale or online selling and love sticking to the traditional way of selling. Lastly, ours is the only bakery in the entire country which opens up the earliest – 3 AM!”

Sunrise Bakers

­­­­­­­­­­­­­Kumar Sweet Shop | 1950
Kumar Sweet Shop was started in 1950 by Late Jetha Nand who migrated from Peshawar post-independence. Currently situated in the MDDA Complex in Dehradun, it is an iconic place among foodies and is known for delicacies like Falooda Kulfi and Lauki Ladoo. The present owners are the 3rd generation running the Kumar Sweets Shop.

Kumar Sweet Shop

The Buffet | 1984
Started originally by Mohan Joshi in 1984, The Buffet is known for serving one of the yummiest and pocket-friendly Cheese Burgers and Veg Rolls in Dehradun. The place is conveniently located on main Rajpur Road, bang opposite to the Gandhi Park, and in close affinity to the Clock Tower.
The owner Mohan Joshi says, “We’re in this business for the past 36 years and our place is known for three factors – location, taste, and price. We have aimed to use the best quality cooking raw material and serve the best quality food at the most nominal prices. One of the best feelings even today is to see the content feeling on the faces of our customers after satiating their hunger!”

The Buffet

Chetan Puri Wala | 1984
This small food outlet is tucked in the hustling-bustling Hanuman Chowk in Paltan Bazaar. It was started by Chetan Prakash in the year 1984 and is very famous for serving the best Indian ‘desi style’ Pattal Thaali. This was one of the places in Dehradun which were featured on the renowned weekly travel and food show Highway On My Plate.

Chetan Puri Wala

The owner Chetan Prakash tells us that his place has become popular because of the epic Sabzi-Kachori Thaali. “We have customers coming in for early morning breakfast, as well as tourists and travelers walking down from the railway station. We open our place at 8 in the morning and wrap up at 4 in the evening. Two important pointers that I would like to share are that firstly, we’ve been serving food in eco-friendly pattal thaalis to ensure minimum use of plastic, and secondly, our special Kachori Thaali which costs 80 rupees and offers 4 Kachoris with sabzis comes with a clause that after 4 Kachoris, the customer has to pay only for the extra Kachoris; the refilling of Sabzis is free of cost.”

Negi Paan Bhandaar | 1920s
This place offers something which many crave after a heavy meal. Negi Paan Bhandaar is located at Netaji Chowk in Paltan Bazaar, close to Jhanda Bazaar. Presently run by Pyaar Singh Negi, who is the 3rd generation of owners of the shop, the speciality here is Meetha Paan, or commonly known as Bolti Band Paan. Priced at Rs.25, it is named as Bolti Band as one cannot really speak till he/she has chewed the Paan completely. Some other Paan fusions available are Suroor, Guru Ka Paan, Jaimini, Khaansi Ka Paan, and Chaaley Ka Paan; the last two are known to cure cough and mouth ulcers This place is indeed the oldest in our list as the present owner claims it to be 100 years old!

Bolti Band Paan at Negi Paan Bhandaar



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