Visiting Mussoorie? Check out these oldest running eateries!


On similar lines to our previous article regarding the oldest running eating joints in Dehradun, this feature brings to light the oldest eateries in the Queen of the Hills which are operational to date and are quite popular among tourists.

Lovely Omelette Center | 1918

 Sachin Tendulkar outside Lovely Omelette Center

This small food joint is located at Mall Road in Mussoorie and is one of the oldest eateries in town. Operated by father-son duo Rashid and Shahid Ahmed, the place serves exotic omelette varieties. The joint was started in 1918 by the Ahmed family and has catered to millions of tourists, locals and who’s who of the world to date. From Rajiv Gandhi to Sachin Tendulkar, many big shot celebrities have visited the place, which is currently run by the 5th generation of the family.

Cheese Omelette at Lovely Omelette Center

On being asked about the inception of the eatery, owner Shahid Ahmed says, “The place was started years back by my ancestors. We used to deal with the wholesale supply of eggs to schools, hotels, and shops, and eventually, my father Rashid started with the Lovely Omelette Center. Our speciality is Oil, Butter, and Cheese Omelette, out of which Cheese Omelette is the most popular. We have a special clause which I would like to add: on Sundays, we only serve the school kids and no other customers. We make sure no school kid is left hungry as it’s the only day that children get a day off for an outing.”

Shahid Ahmed – Owner of Lovely Omelette Centre

Chick Chocolate | 1950s

Naresh Vachani, Owner, Chick Chocolate

Search for the oldest cafes in Mussoorie and Chick Chocolate is sure to the list. Currently owned by Naresh Vachani and originally started by JD Vachani, the cafe is 71 years old. With warm wooden interiors to retro movie posters on walls, the place is famous for serving fresh home-made chocolates.

The present owner Naresh Vachani says that the old days were the golden times of Mussoorie. The town has changed drastically in terms of construction and population. He says, “Apart from home-made chocolates, our place is known for Hot Chocolate, Brownie Fudge and Wood Fired Pizza. We’ve had popular customers visiting like Raj Kapoor, Sachin Tendulkar, and MS Dhoni and other top celebrities of the film industry.

Anil’s Café | 1966

Anil’s Cafe at Char Dukaan, Landour

Landour is a small cantonment town contiguous to Mussoorie. There’s a spot known as ‘Char Dukaan’, which literally are four vintage shops turned into cafes. One of the four shops in Char Dukkan is Anil’s Café, which was started in 1966 by Chattar Sen and is presently run by Anil Kumar Aggarwal.

Anil Kumar Aggarwal – Owner of Anil’s Cafe

Anil tells us that among all the food items, Pancakes, Waffles, and Cheese Bun Omellete are the most demanded ones; others being Cheese Maggi, Onion Tomato Cheese Grilled Sandwich, and Paranthas. He further shares that Sachin Tendulkar is his regular customer who is visiting the cafe since 2009. Other celebrities and artists who have made their visit to the cafe are Gulzaar, Neil Nitin Mukesh, Lucky Ali, Ajay Devgan, MS Dhoni, Raj Kumar Hirani, and Arshad Warsi.

Laxmi Mishthan Bhandar | 1967

Laxmi Mishthan Bhandar

Situated at the Library Chowk in Mussoorie, this eatery is famous for its Baal Mithai, Chocolate Barfi, and Gulaab Jamun. It was started by Late Bhagwan Singh Negi in 1967 and has permanent customers who never miss a chance to visit when in Mussoorie.


  1. This article makes me feel like going to mussoorie right now and just eat all that is mentioned.
    I hope even after the pandemic these places remain open to people. Cheese omelette at lovely omelette is just amazing 😍.
    Great article for the once who are visiting for first time.


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