Eco-friendly ‘kulhad’ to replace plastic tea cups at all railway stations: Goyal


Tea will be sold in environment-friendly ‘kulhads’ (earthen cups) in place of plastic cups at all railway stations in the country, Railway Minister Piyush Goyal said on Sunday.

The minister was speaking at an event organised at the Dhigawara railway station in Rajasthan’s Alwar district to mark the inauguration of the newly electrified Dhigawara-Bandikui section under the North Western Railway.

This initiative will be the contribution of the Railways towards a plastic-free India, Goyal said.

“Tea is given in ‘kulhad’ at nearly 400 railway stations in the country today, and in future, it is our planning that tea will be sold only in kulhads at all railway stations in the country. This will be the contribution of Railways towards plastic-free India,” he said.

Kulhads save the environment and lakhs of people can get employment from it, Goyal added.



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