School students in Uttarakhand to be relieved from hefty school bags

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Uttarakhand Government has implemented the School Bag Policy 2020 for school students in the state. Under this policy, the weight of school bags has been fixed for the students of all classes, whereas students in pre-primary classes will not be required to carry school bags.

Read on the important pointers under the School Bag Policy:

  • Students of the first standard will need to carry only 3 books, whereas students of class 12 will need to carry a maximum of 6 books in their bags.
  • The weight of the school bag of students in class 1 should not exceed 2.25 kilograms. Similarly, the weight of the school bag of students in class 12 should be a maximum of 5 kilograms.
  • This aforementioned number has been fixed according to the standard weight of the students and will be inclusive of the weight of the lunch box and water bottle.

    Picture for representational purpose
  • Another aspect of the School Bag Policy is monitoring the weight of school bags of students using weighing machines, and the same will be installed in schools.
  • Under this policy, instructions have also been given to celebrate ‘No Bag Day’ in schools.
  • On similar lines, publishers will also be required to print the weight of their books and notebooks.


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