Exclusive: Winter turns cozy for zoo animals in Dehradun


To combat the ongoing bitter cold weather, Dehra Talkies Publications recently got in touch with the authorities at Dehradun Zoo and got to know about the several measures being taken to keep the zoo animals warm.

Giving insights into the course of action, the Range Officer, Dehradun Zoo, Mohan Singh Rawat, said, “There are two kinds of protection from winter: outer and inner. As far as outer protection is concerned, we use paraal or straw as additional bedding for wild animals such as deer and leopards. Similarly, we have put straw on top of the animal and bird enclosures to protect them from the cold weather.”

Rawat added, “Talking about inner protection, we’ve already had heaters installed in the fish aquariums and are maintaining the water temperature between 25° to 30° C. Animals that require special attention during winters are snakes. As we know that snakes are highly affected by cold weather, we have installed halogen room heaters projecting heat and light from two sides in the snake enclosures, ensuring appropriate hibernation.”

“Under the guidance of the veterinary doctor, we have modified the regular diet of our animals by adding vitamins, as well as other supplements. Along with the aforementioned, we have also adopted some desi Ayurvedic nuskhe, such as providing Ajwain water and adding onions and garlic in the food to keep the animals naturally warm,” said Rawat.

The Range Officer concluded by speaking about the precautions being taken at the Zoo during the ongoing bird-flu, “We have covered the open part of the bird enclosures with sheets, so that zoo birds do not come in contact with droppings of external birds. Moreover, we have stopped adding eggs to the animal feed. Although external migratory birds aren’t generally seen in this area, we make sure to get rid of the leftover meat by burying it, to keep any uninvited birds at bay.”


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