Exclusive: Dehradun’s Rohit Joshi strikes reposeful notes in his latest album ‘Parvati’


Look around, and you may find a plethora of genuinely talented artists in Dehradun. The extensive list features city-based independent artist Rohit Joshi, who recently made headlines after releasing his solo/independent musical album titled Parvati.

Talking about his recent album, Rohit said, “My latest indie album features a series of songs, the harmonious notes of which express how beautiful the entire Parvati valley is. Each song of the album has a deep meaning to it. For instance, the title song Parvati is an instrumental composition that is a tribute to the river Parvati. Similarly, Udne De indicates that one should aim high irrespective of the challenges.”

Album Cover

O Meenue is a Jaunsari folk love song, and the motive behind it was to have a folk song in the album. Another song titled Kuch Baaki Hai was processed during COVID lockdown. It is a motivational number that expresses that although the entire world was shattered during the pandemic, one needs to get up and get going, and how things will eventually fall back to place”, added Rohit.

Sharing his views as an indie artist, Rohit said, “Thriving in the music industry as an independent artist isn’t a piece of cake. From songwriting, creating music to recording and releasing tracks all by yourself, without having the benefits of being associated with a music label, is a difficult road to travel for any independent artist.”

(Image Source: Abhi Grover)

Rohit left his hometown Dehradun and shifted to Chandigarh to pursue Engineering. Post-college, he landed up in a nine to five job but wasn’t very content in his professional life. It was his guitar that kept him going on with the rather hectic life. Taking a leap of faith, Rohit left his job and started as the Lead Guitarist of his band Swastik, and with the course of time, delivered a list of superhit musical numbers. Since then, there has been no looking back for him!


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