Owing to her extraordinary abilities, Indore’s Tanishka Sujit gets admission to college at the age of 13


A super talented resident of Indore, Tanishka Sujit has created history by passing the 12th class examination at the age of 12 and is now pursuing graduation at Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya in Indore at the age of 13.

Tanishka passed her 10th class examination at the age of 11 and then passed her 12th standard exams at the age of 12. She was allowed to jump to 10th standard soon after giving her fifth-grade exams and then she was directly promoted to 12th standard, seeing her extra-ordinary abilities and skills.

Surprisingly, Tanishka who has now turned 13 is studying at an Indore-based University, Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya while taking online classes currently amid the pandemic.

There is no such provision in the education policy of Madhya Pradesh that would allow any student to jump classes. But Tanishka’s parents had to struggle to get special permission for Tanishka to skip classes and promote her to higher classes as per her abilities and skills.

Tanishka solving Rubik’s Cube while wearing a blindfold

Among many extraordinary talents is her ability to solve Rubik’s Cube while wearing a blindfold. She is a Kathak dancer as well and has performed in Europe too.

Talking about being an extraordinary student, Tanishka said, “When I was studying in fifth class, my parents used to think I have extraordinary abilities and skills to do something different. They used to give me 10th class equations to solve, and I used to solve the same with ease. That’s how I passed my 10th standard examination at the age of 11 and passed 12th class at the age of 12.”

“Presently in 13 years old and studying in college. My mother went to Bhopal a couple of times and requested the education department authorities to promote me directly to class 10th from class 5th. It took around one year, and during that period, I cleared 6th class examinations as well. I am a one of a kind student in my state Madhya Pradesh who has jumped classes and is now studying in college at such a young age. I aspire to become a judge,” she added.


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