Doon’s sweltering February breaks 10-year record


The unpredicted rising mercury in Dehradun has broken the record of the last ten years. For the first time in ten years, the maximum temperature in the month of February in the city crossed 30 degrees Celcius.

The temperature in the capital has been continuously rising for the last few days. Moreover, just like daytime, the nights don’t feel that cold anymore. The minimum temperature in the city was recorded four degrees above normal, breaking the 30-year record. This unforeseen rise in mercury has become a hot topic among city dwellers.

Image for representational purpose

Note that back in February 2006, the maximum temperature in Dehradun touched 31.2 degrees Celcius. Furthermore, the maximum temperature in Doon last February was 29.2 degrees Celcius, whereas the maximum temperature in February 2014 was 25.4 degrees Celcius.


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