World Water Day 2021: Save this elixir of life before it’s too late


Water is certainly one of the most vital elements on this planet to keep life going on. Each organism needs water to survive. However, we human beings cannot rely on saltwater and thus, require fresh water to manage our everyday activities.

Every year, the United Nations observes March 22 as the World Water Day in order to spread awareness regarding the importance of freshwater among people. On this 28th World Water Day, let us take a brief look at the history, significance, and this year’s theme.


Back in the year 1992, during the Rio de Janeiro United Nations Conference on Environment and Development, the idea of celebrating World Water Day was first conceived. March 22 was agreed upon as the date to mark World Water Day, and since 1993, World Water Day is being celebrated every year.


The theme for this year’s World Water Day is Valuing Water. The theme focuses on what water means to humans, its real worth, and how human beings can get better at conserving this indispensable elixir of life.


World Water Day is celebrated each year to preach to everybody the value of freshwater and to spread awareness regarding water scarcity and other problems. 

As per the United Nations, 1 in every 3 people survives in the absence of suitable drinking water. By the year 2025, 50 percent of the Earth’s inhabitants will be dwelling in water-stressed zones. This is the need of the hour for all of us to conserve water and discover methods for its preservation.

About 220 crore humans on this planet have been surviving without access to safe water, and today is the day we need to seriously start thinking about and take apt efforts to curb the global water crisis.


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