Covid in Dehradun: 3 new variants found in 6 samples; 70% more spreading capacity


Amidst the fast-spreading cases of coronavirus in the city, three new variants of the COVID-19 have once again raised the concern of experts. All three newly found variants are affecting the people engaged in the vaccination.

On the other hand, the concern of health workers and people has increased due to the introduction of three new variants of COVID in six samples taken from Dehradun.

These different variants have been confirmed in six samples sent from Doon Medical College’s Viral Research and Diagnostic Lab (VRDL) to the National Center for Disease Control (NCDC). VRDL Co-Investigator Dr Deepak Juyal said that the new variants of the corona have been confirmed in six samples sent for genome sequencing.

He further told that the new variant of Corona has a capacity to spread 70 percent more than the old variant. It is also affecting people who have already been vaccinated.


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