With India’s devastating second COVID-19 wave, several countries come forward to help

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With the deadly second wave of COVID-19 in India, many of its allies and friendly nations have come forward to offer support in the form of liquid oxygen, oxygen concentrators, KN95 masks, ventilators and cryogenic oxygen tanks.

Various countries have reached out to send supplies to India. Here’s what each country is doing to help India come out of the second wave of COVID-19:

United States of America
– Contributed emergency COVID-19 relief material in its first shipment, comprising 440 oxygen cylinders and regulators, 960,000 Rapid Diagnostic Tests, and 100,000 N95 masks.
– Will be sending supplies worth more than 100 million US Dollars as part of its commitment to using every resource at its disposal to support India’s frontline healthcare workers in their battle against coronavirus.
– Will be providing 1700 oxygen concentrators, initial delivery of 1,100 cylinders, and multiple large-scale Oxygen Generation Units to support up to 20 patients each, approx 15 million N95 masks to protect both patients and Indian health care personnel, and 1 million rapid diagnostic tests.

Contributed 700 units of oxygen concentrators and 365 ventilators to India, as the latter fights the second wave of coronavirus.

Will be sending Remdesivir along with other medical supplies. The supplies include about 10,000 vials of injectable anti-viral, oral anti-viral, 30,000 PPE kits, and several thousand zinc, calcium, vitamin C, and other necessary tablets.

Provided 80 oxygen concentrators and 75 oxygen cylinders to India in these difficult times.

United Kingdom
– Will be sending 3 oxygen generation units, each with the capacity of producing 500 litres of oxygen per minute, enough for 50 people to use at a time.
– Will be contributing 495 oxygen concentrators and 200 ventilators from surplus stocks to India in support of the country’s fight against COVID-19. 280 oxygen concentrators already reached India.

Will provide 300 oxygen generators and as many ventilators as possible to India, which is currently facing the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic.

United Arab Emirates
Contributed 157 ventilators, 480 BiPAPs, and other medical supplies to India, in the latter’s fight with COVID-19’s second wave.

Promised to send a batch of oxygen concentrators and other medical supplies to India in the next few days to help it battle a devastating second wave of COVID-19 infections.

– Will contribute over 22 tonnes of medical supplies, including 20 oxygen production units, 75 lung ventilators, 150 medical monitors, and 200,000 packs of medicines to India.
– Has provided oxygen concentrators, lung ventilation equipment, bedside monitors, medicines, including Coronavirus and other essential pharmaceuticals in the first consignment.

United Nations
UN bodies including the World Health Organization (WHO) and UNICEF will be providing equipment and supplies, including 7,000 oxygen concentrators and 500 nasal devices for oxygen supply. Apart from this, approx 2,600 WHO field officers have been immediately deployed to facilitate during these difficult times.

Ready to transport a large oxygen production plant to India in about a week along with 120 ventilators and 80 million KN95 masks.

South Korea
Planning to contribute specific medical items in need, such as oxygen concentrators to India.

Offered 10 million US Dollars to Indian Red Cross to support and procure essential supplies. This contribution will support the procurement of essential supplies and medicines, including oxygen cylinders for clinics and ambulances.

Contributed 256 Oxygen cylinders along with 500 BiPAPs and 4 cryogenic oxygen containers to India.

– Qatar Airways is supporting international efforts to tackle the second COVID-19 surge in India by shipping medical aid and equipment to the country free of charge from global suppliers.
– The airline intends to transport 300 tonnes of aid from across its global network to Doha where it will be flown in a three-flight cargo aircraft convoy directly to destinations in India where it is most desperately needed.

Will be contributing 500 ventilators, 1 million surgical masks, 500,00 P2, and N95 masks, 100,000 goggles, 100,000 pairs of gloves, and 20,000 face shields to India.

Will be supporting India by contributing 8 oxygen concentrators, containers of liquid oxygen, specialized medical equipment including 28 respirators, and 200 electric syringe pumps, among others.


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