Uttarakhand: Only 2% people registered with employment dept got jobs in last 5 years


Only 2 percent of people registered with the state employment department have got employment despite several job fairs in the last five years in Uttarakhand, showed a data of the Directorate of Employment.

According to the data, as many as 513 job fairs were organized in Uttarakhand in the last five years, but only 20,047 registered beneficiaries got jobs.

During 2016-2019, 106, 172, and 105 fairs were held, and 0.29 percent, 0.84 percent, and 0.68 percent respectively got employment opportunities out of the registered members.

Comparatively, in 2019 -2021, due to the pandemic situation, only 84 and 46 fairs were organized and 0.34 percent and 0.17 percent of registered persons got jobs, respectively.

Minister for Labour and Employment Harak Singh Rawat said that the number of employment fairs reduced in the past two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“In the future, we are going to make the employment department an independent outsource agency. Through this, the registered unemployed people will be given government jobs,” he said.


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