Inspired by Spanish web series ‘Money Heist’, gang held for robbery worth crores in Haridwar

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Satish Chaudhary, the present leader of the Tau gang, has been caught for a recent heist worth crores in a jewelry store in Haridwar. Satish used to execute heists on the lines of the Spanish web series Money Heist. Satish watched the web series three years ago, got inspired, and altered the style of looting. Police spokesperson IG Amit Sinha, co-spokesperson DIG Nilesh Anand Bharne and DIG Range Neeru Garg disclosed the incident in a joint press conference.

Netflix released the Spanish web series Money Heist in the year 2017. In the story, a professor plans a theft, and for this, he recruits people who specialize in various fields. According to the plan in the series, the professor executes the robberies, but he and his comrades never make any public appearances.

On similar lines to Money Heist, Satish Chaudhary used to carry out the heists planned by him. He even used to do recce of the targeted shops alone. Furthermore, after the robbery, Satish looked out for potential links to trade the heist items. It is also known that Satish’s gang used to possess weapons, but in any crime to date, they never caused much damage to any particular person.

Satish became the head after the Tau gang’s former leader Inderpal Chaudhary was sent to jail. Very few members of the group knew Satish’s name. Because of this, if someone from the gang got caught, Satish’s name was rarely revealed to the police.

There are 11 cases registered against Satish in Haridwar, Udham Singh Nagar, and several districts of Uttar Pradesh. But, he never got caught by any police. Fortunately, this time the Haridwar police and STF were successful in grabbing Satish.


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