COVID-19 Relief: Doon’s NGO ‘Neki Bazaar’ holds ration distribution drive


Dehradun-based social welfare organization ‘Neki Bazaar’ organized a ration distribution drive in the rural areas in the city. The group distributed ration packets to those in need at the Bansiwala area in Jhajhra.

The drive was led by Neki Bazaar’s active volunteers, who distributed a month’s ration packet each to 25 families affected during the COVID-19 pandemic.

One of the helpers in the drive, Rekha, said, “The livelihood of the people among whom we distributed the ration was severely hampered during the coronavirus pandemic. Such a drive was the need of the hour and should encourage others to come forward and contribute as much as possible, as we might witness the onset of the third COVID-19 wave any time soon!”

Neki Bazaar is a social service group formed back in 2018 and comprises people of all age groups and walks of life. The group is known for organizing numerous cloth distribution drives pan-Uttarakhand. This drive was the second ration distribution drive conducted by Neki Bazaar during the pandemic.

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