71 pc of children in serosurvey show antibodies, says PGIMER Director


PGIMER Director Dr. Jagat Ram on Monday said that according to serosurvey conducted by the institute among the 2,700 children shows 71 percent of samples have developed antibodies.

Informing about the same, Dr. Ram said, “We’re at the beginning of the 3rd wave of COVID-19 pandemic. A serosurvey conducted by PGIMER, Chandigarh, among 2700 children, shows 71 percent of them have developed antibodies. It shows children won’t be affected disproportionately during the third wave,” adding that the samples were collected from Chandigarh, rural, urban areas, and slum dwellers.

The director added, “About 69 percent to 73 percent of children have developed antibodies. On average, 71 percent of samples have developed antibodies. We know that there are no vaccines available for children, so the antibodies have developed due to COVID-19 infection. So I don’t think the third wave will affect children.”

He added that the survey from Maharashtra and Delhi shows that about 50-75 percent of children have developed antibodies. “So the various surveys show that third wave will not hit the children,” said Dr. Jagat Ram.

Stating that peak may be delayed, he said that people must follow COVID-appropriate behavior and must take vaccination for the eligible population.

He also said that breakthrough infection is found within six to 10 percent of patients, adding that even if there is a breakthrough infection, the severity is very less.


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