Public bus services resumed in Uttarakhand’s Tyuni after 15 years


Public bus services connecting the remote villages in Tyuni Tehsil of Uttarakhand’s Dehradun district were resumed after 15 years on Thursday, said the district administration.

Speaking about the same, Dehradun District Magistrate R Rajesh Kumar said the public bus services on the motor road connecting Silda to Banadhar in the remote villages of Tyuni were halted because locals preferred private buses that charged lesser.

“After 15 years, public bus services have resumed on the motor road connecting Silda to Banadhar, the remote villages in Tyuni. Public bus services were ceased 15 years ago because private buses used to charge less from the public as compared to public buses. So, public operators were not able to compete, hence it halted the services,” said Kumar.

“In addition, private operators had also stopped their services in the area after an accident five years ago,” he added.

He further informed that he also went for surveys of various bus service-related arrangements while riding in a Smart City Limited bus from ISBT to Tehsil Chowk.

Requesting people to use public bus services, Kumar asked people to avoid using private vehicles and start using public bus services. He also told local people to demand new buses from higher authorities as the district has old buses at present.

“I request you all to demand new buses from higher authorities because we have only old buses at present. I hope you all will support this initiative and will use more and more public bus services,” he added.


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