Looking forward to a BH series registration plate? Here’s everything you need to know


The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways introduced the Bharat (BH) series registration plates in August 2021. The government’s motive behind this was to facilitate effortless mobility of defence and government vehicles, as the current procedure is onerous for individuals with transferable jobs. 

The registrations to obtain a BH registration plate commenced in September 2021.


BH series registration plates have been launched for the central government, state government, and defence sector employees. In the case of a private sector employee, a BH series registration plate will be appliable if the employee has his/her offices located in over 4 states or UTs.


The validity of a BH registration plate is throughout the country, therefore there’s no need for an individual to apply for fresh vehicle registration in case of moving from one state to another. This eradicates the aggravation of re-registering the vehicle and obtaining the NOC certificate, which is otherwise mandatory.


For vehicles priced below ₹10 lakhs, the vehicle owner will be charged 8% of the vehicle price for the application of the BH series registration plate. 

In case the vehicle is priced between ₹10-20 lakh, the tax rate applicable will be 10% of the total vehicle value.

On the other hand, if the vehicle cost surpasses ₹20 lakh, the vehicle owner will have to spend 12% of the vehicle cost to obtain a BH series registration plate.


The format for the BH series registration plate is YY BH #### XX


YY will be the Registration Year

BH is the Code for Bharat Series

#### will be a random number allotment from 0000 to 9999

XX will be Alphabets ranging from AA to ZZ


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