Dehradun’s Akshat Jain on making Ivy League Education accessible to tier 2 & 3 cities


The top Indian cities have a fair amount of exposure to new-age teaching technologies, but the tier 2 & tier 3 towns lag far behind in the changing education landscape. To put a stop to this trend, Dehradun’s Akshat Jain aims to empower the students of these cities by providing quality education. He aims to provide Ivy League education accessible to tier II and tier III city students at affordable prices.

Aiming to fulfill the unfiltered dreams of tier 2 and tier 3 city students, Akshat says, “By observing the current trends, it is clear that India’s youth have cut-throat competition. To face and crack it, one needs to be skilled in numerous fields, which seems missing from tier 2 and tier 3 city students because of infrastructure issues. Therefore, to win the race, it’s time to put an end to all disruptions.”

He further adds, “The pandemic and resultant lockdowns have affected an entire generation of school-going and college-going children. While the transition to e-learning was swift for those who could afford it, many of India’s young have been forced out of formal education due to a lack of digital devices to access curriculum and training. With intense dissimilarity in learning levels brought about by social, monetary, geographic, and many other factors, tier II and tier III city students again lag their peers.”

Gunmeet Bindra, former Principal of Welham Boys’, the school Akshat went to, said,” Akshat has been one of my top one percent students at Welham Boys’. It has been heartwarming to see him grow as a well-grounded individual all-rounder with an uncompromising value system. This is even more commendable given the privileged background that he comes from. I congratulate him on his acceptance at Harvard. Education in India has hope if youngsters like Akshat choose to take the baton. I am truly proud of him.”

After graduating from Tufts University in Massachusetts, Akshat received a job offer from an MNC. But given his immense love and trust for his country, he rejected this lucrative overseas opportunity. He worked hard and finally got into Harvard Business School to pursue a master’s in education leadership. He pledges to return to India with full might and resume his journey of change.

Global education is now a step closer for tier-2 and tier-3 cities, and Akshat Jain is leaving no stones unturned to make this happen. Seeing his determination, we are ready to witness a change in education.


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