Leading food outlet Brewbakes & Chaat Ka Chaska opens up in Dehradun


Mayor Sunil Uniyal Gama inaugurates the new cafe

India’s leading cafe brand Brewbakes & Chaat Ka Chaska opened its new outlet on Rajpur Road, Dehradun. The cafe was inaugurated by Mayor Dehradun, Sunil Uniyal Gama.

During the inauguration program, food bloggers and influencers in and around Dehradun were invited for food tasting and to get the wholesome feel of the newly launched outlet.

Speaking on the occasion, the Founder and CEO of Brewbakes, Anupam Singh, said, “Our aim at Dehradun is to collectively create an outlet presenting our brands Brewbakes and Chaat Ka Chaska, which gives our customers a wide range of delectable cuisine array with Chaat Ka Chaska offering Street food of India from the South to North along with Brewbakes offering Continental Global cuisine. This concept is curated to bring together the diversity we have to offer in various cuisines in a completely modern Indian Café Set up.”

Adding further, Anupam said, “Brewbakes is a breakthrough cafe dining that can inspire the most discerning palates at very affordable prices. More than a brand, it is an evolving concept as every aspect of a restaurant business is carefully addressed by the company in every outlet that is opened. From the design of the menus to the cutlery, from the space planning to the look and feel, everything has been meticulously looked at. We have received tremendous appreciation for the brand until now and hope the people at Dehradun will also love our food and the concept the same way.”

The program also witnessed a live band performance by Universal Band, which was appreciated by one and all present on the occasion.

During the launch ceremony, the food bloggers also got to relish the hot-selling dishes including Palak Patta Chaat [B-tech], Cheese Burst Dosa, Mushroom Stroganoff, Bell Pepper & Corn Soup, and BBK Special Churros.

Brewbakes Hospitality and Sons Enterprise came into existence in the year 2014 and launched its first outlet in the capital city of Orissa- Bhubaneswar. Following its enormous success in this city, the organization embarked on a path of growth and expansion across India, focusing on urban and smaller cities.

Led by CEO Anupam Singh and the Board of Directors Alka Singh & Adarsh Singh Nikumbh, Brewbakes quickly established itself as a one-stop-shop for gourmet eating experiences, organic food goods, and a lifestyle brand that includes fashion, beauty, and wellness.

Brewbakes is the most prestigious Contemporary Indian café brand, recognized not just for casual and exquisite eating but also for the fusion-food expertise and welcoming atmosphere they introduced to 180+ locations throughout the globe to revolutionize the modern Indian café heritage.


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