Doon’s Akshay Madan receives Best Poster Award for film Madappally United


Dehradun-based Designer Akshay Madan received the Best Poster Award for the upcoming Malayalam sports-based children’s film Madappally United.

The trailer of Madappally United was recently released and shared by Journalist & CEO Beast Studios Sushant Mehta, actor-director Samir Soni, actor-producer Sanjay Suri, National award-winning filmmaker Onir, Vocalist Mohan Kannan, and many other celebrities from both the Hindi and Malayalam film industry.

Though shot in Kerala, the poster design, promotional material and titling work for the film were done by Doon’s Akshay Madan. Akshay has earlier designed creatives for other Bollywood projects including the feature film My Birthday Song. He has collaborated with Ajay Govind on multiple projects in the past.

The film is all set for its pan-India release in July where it will be playing at theatres, educational institutions and multiple screening venues in Delhi, Dehradun, Kerala, Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Kolkata.

Designer Akshay Madan says, “Art has no linguistic barriers. Of course, it is challenging to create in a language you neither speak nor read nor write but that’s the beauty of doing this. It helps that the film has such a clear voice and tonality which always enables me to work on the creatives.”

Ajay Govind says, “Madappally United was always designed to be more than just a sports film. It’s a film that tries to look at the world of a group of kids as they go about doing something as simple as going out to play cricket. But the world built by adults does nothing except add obstacles to this simple pursuit.”

Ajay Govind works both in the Malayalam and Hindi film industries in India and last released his award-winning Malayalam short film Jump Cuts. He has worked on 4 feature films, multiple short films and music videos. His short film love, bites has crossed 4 Million views on YouTube.


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