Artists from Uttarakhand’s Jaunsar present Folk Dance on Mahabharata in Chhattisgarh


The Jaunsar tribe artists from Uttarakhand presented stunning folk tales based on Mahabharata stories on the second day of the ongoing national tribal dance festival in Chhattisgarh’s Raipur on Wednesday.

The three-day dance festival began in Raipur on Tuesday.

Folk artists from Uttarakhand performed by the Jaunsar tribe presented folk tales based on the stories of the Mahabharata era.

Jaunsar tribe is deeply associated with the stories of Mahabharata and considers the Pandavas as their role models. They display the legends of the Pandavas through folklore and Harul dance. The specialty of the dance is the instrument called Ramtula, which makes folk dance even more melodious.

In the Harul dance by the Jaunsar caste, a person sitting on an elephant swings the axe-like weapon with his hands and sprinkles flowers and rice on the masses symbolizing prosperity.

In this, heroic deeds are also performed through heroic actions. In its presentation, a folk artist from Uttarakhand prepared tea by setting a kettle on his head and setting it on fire. The spectators were amazed to see this scene. The artists also performed the Harul dance in which earthen lamps were lit like the ritual during Deepawali.

Besides, tribal artists from various other states including Madhya Pradesh, Maharasthra, Nagaland, and Andhra Pradesh presented their culture and folklore through their performances.


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