After Joshimath, cracks appear in houses in Uttarakhand’s Karnprayag, people seek govt help


Cracks appeared at around 50 houses, and various minor landslides have taken place at Bahuguna Nagar of Karnprayag. The local municipality has requested Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami’s government for help. This comes amid the issue of land subsidence in Joshimath.

Many families of Bahuguna Nagar have left their homes and taken shelter with their relatives staying in other areas.

Thirty families of Karnprayag Upper Bazar Ward are also in danger of disaster.

The victims are requesting the state government for help. 

Meanwhile, the District Disaster Management Authority, Chamoli on Monday, issued a bulletin related to disaster management given the landslides happening in the Joshimath area. 

According to the bulletin, cracks have been noticed in a total of 678 buildings in the Joshimath town area. Given the security, a total of 81 families have been temporarily displaced.

“Under Joshimath city area, 213 rooms have been temporarily identified as habitable, whose capacity has been estimated at 1191. Along with this, 491 rooms/halls have been identified in Pipalkoti outside the Joshimath area, whose capacity is 2,205,” the bulletin said.

The administration has also distributed food kits and blankets to the affected families as per their requirements, along with the distribution of funds for essential household items at the rate of Rs 5,000 per family.

A total of 63 food kits and 53 blankets have been made available.

Joshimath, which is witnessing land subsidence forcing the Uttarakhand government to shift the locals to safer places, has been divided into three zones based on the magnitude of possible danger, an official said, on Monday.

This comes after the Joshimath area was declared disaster-prone following cracks developing in the buildings of the city. According to Chamoli District Disaster Management Authority, 603 buildings in Joshimath town have developed cracks so far.

Owing to the latest developments, the administration has divided the city into three zones, Danger, Buffer, and Completely safe zones.


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