Uttarakhand: Electricity Commission increases the electricity rates by 9.64 percent for 2023-24


Electricity Regulatory Commission has increased the electricity rates by 9.64 percent for 2023-24.

Electricity Regulatory Commission Executive Chairman DP Gairola and Member Technical MK Jain told that the Energy Corporation had demanded compensation for a revenue gap of 1507.13 crores which would have increased the rates by 16.96 percent.

The commission has approved only the difference in revenue of 870.85 crores. Due to this, electricity rates have increased by 9.64 percent in 2023- 24, he added.

Due to the increase in electricity rates, domestic consumers will get a shock of 25 to 200 rupees in their bills coming every month, he added further.

This time the Electricity Regulatory Commission has not given relief even to Below Poverty Line consumers. Electricity rates of BPL consumers have been increased by 10 paise per unit, said Executive Chairman DP Gairola.

The decision of the Uttarakhand Electricity Regulatory Commission will put the burden on consumers of expensive electricity in every section.



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