Upcoming Historical Web Series to Explore Delhi Sultanate’s Untold Stories


Hollywood’s leading media house is collaborating to create an unprecedented historical web series that promises to redefine storytelling in Bollywood. Set in the captivating era of the Delhi Sultanate, the series aims to transport audiences back in time while staying true to historical accuracy.

Under the visionary direction of Dr. Kunal Shamsher Malla, a prominent educationist turned filmmaker from Dehradun, this web series will delve into the tales of revenge, love, betrayal, and counter-revenge against the backdrop of the Delhi Sultanate’s culturally rich yet brutal epoch. Unlike conventional historical dramas that take creative liberties, this series will offer a journey into real history, enlightening and captivating viewers.

The Delhi Sultanate’s tumultuous canvas will provide the setting for the series, bringing historical events and personalities to life with meticulous attention to accuracy. Historian Samik Basu’s involvement ensures that the narratives are deeply rooted in the annals of history.

Boasting a cast that blends Bollywood and regional industry talents, the ensemble promises a seamless blend of seasoned actors and fresh faces. This cast is poised to infuse life into characters that have left their marks on history’s pages. Additionally, the series welcomes back national and regional legends, creating a nostalgic touch for this exceptional cinematic endeavor.

The web series transcends geographical boundaries through its collaboration with an international crew of repute. Rolf Dekens, NDC, from the Netherlands, contributes his expertise to elevate the production. This global collaboration ensures the series’ appeal spans cultures and resonates with diverse audiences.

As anticipation swells among history enthusiasts and entertainment aficionados, the eagerly awaited premiere of this web series draws near. The year 2024 promises to transport audiences to an era of intrigue and grandeur, weaving together captivating narratives, splendid performances, and a harmonious blend of experience and fresh talent.


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