Cafe Delhi Heights to Host Juicy Lucy Challenges in Celebration of 6 Lakh Burgers Sold


The newly launched outlet of Cafe Delhi Heights, situated at the Pacific Mall, is coming up with a one-of-a-kind celebration to mark the sale of their flagship 6 lakh Juicy Lucy burgers. In order to share their joy with loyal customers, CDH is set to host a series of quirky and unique Juicy Lucy challenges.

The first challenge, the ‘Juicy Lucy Challenge,’ dares patrons to try their grit by holding a 6 kg Juicy Lucy dumbbell with just one hand above their heads without additional support for a continuous 120 seconds. Anyone who achieves this feat will be rewarded with a complimentary Juicy Lucy burger.

Another highlight of this campaign is the ‘Juicy Lucy Competition.’ This thrilling contest will see 10 to 15 enthusiastic foodies facing off in a Juicy Lucy burger-eating competition. Whoever successfully finishes their Juicy Lucy burger the fastest will be entitled to receive a year-long supply of Juicy Lucy burgers for dine-in.

Adding to the excitement of the campaign, prominent social media influencers from Dehradun will also be joining the Juicy Lucy Competition. Their participation will create a buzz and excitement, turning this challenge into a city-wide sensation.

“We are absolutely thrilled to have reached this milestone of serving 600,000 Juicy Lucy Burgers,” said Mr. Vikrant Batra, Owner of Café Delhi Heights. “Our customers have been at the heart of our journey, and this celebration is a small token of our appreciation for their unwavering support. We invite everyone to join us in the festivities and make this week one to remember.”


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