An Amalgamation of Design & Cuisine: Diablo Extends Its Gothic Allure to Dehradun


In a stunning expansion to the culinary and artistic scenario of Dehradun, the contemporary gothic-themed restaurant and bar chain ‘Diablo’ has opened its doors in the picturesque town of Dehradun. First launched in Mehrauli, New Delhi in 2019, Diablo has emerged as a remarkable medley of gothic aesthetics and modern Middle Eastern gastronomy.

Situated on Rajpur Road, the interiors of the Dehradun outlet coherently intertwine a tale of contrasts between ancient & contemporary and light & dark, and present an aura that vows to take customers into a hypnotic experience. Diablo Dehradun is meticulously divided into three distinct areas incorporating a huge indoor space, a primary terrace, and another elevated terrace with panoramic vistas of Mussoorie.

Conveying his delight in bringing this special concept to the city, co-owner of Diablo Dehradun, Aman Shankar, said, “We believe in offering more than just a dining experience; we strive to deliver a getaway into an empire where the Gothic meets the modern. Diablo Dehradun seeks to redefine the city’s nightlife, presenting a taste of the Mediterranean in the middle of exquisite interiors coupled with a lush rooftop bar. The blend of modern gothic components and the charm of trendy Middle Eastern food is poised to concoct a unique experience for Doonites.”

Speaking about the ambiance, service, and overall client experience, Jaya Negi, co-owner of Diablo Dehradun, said, “Diablo Dehradun is devoted to providing an unprecedented class of service to the people of Dehradun. We aim to take our visitors to a place where every component, from the food to the decor, adds to an immersive and unforgettable experience.”

A customer, Akshay, expressed his views and said, “Diablo Dehradun holds the potential to emerge as the most happening hotspot in the city’s social scenario. We are truly exhilarated to be a part of the launch party!”

Another customer, Rohit, said, “Diablo in Dehradun will surely transform the nightlife scene in this city. With its unique gothic-themed dark interiors and delectable drinks and food, the newly launched place is sure to dazzle the residents of Doon.”


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