Uttarakhand Tightens Road Safety Measures: Helmets for Pillion Riders, Seat Belts Mandatory


In a significant move to enhance road safety, Uttarakhand has implemented strict regulations mandating helmets for pillion riders on two-wheelers and seat belts for all passengers in four-wheelers. The directives were issued by Chief Secretary Radha Raturi during a State Road Safety Fund Management Committee meeting held at the Secretariat on Monday.

Chief Secretary Raturi has instructed the Transport Department to provide a comprehensive report on corrective measures taken following the death audit from road accidents. Highlighting the importance of technological integration, she mandated the implementation of a faceless challan system and the installation of ANPR cameras on state borders, main roads, and drone cameras in urban areas for traffic monitoring.

To foster road safety awareness, the Education Department has been tasked with educating students on road safety protocols one day a week. Traffic signals across the state will be upgraded with ANPR and RLVD systems to enhance traffic management.

Action Plan and Enforcement

Raturi emphasized the strict enforcement of the new helmet and seat belt regulations. She urged the police department to leverage social media for public awareness campaigns on road safety. The Chief Secretary also called for the widespread promotion of the Hit and Run and Good Samaritan schemes. The action plan includes scientifically determining speed limits on state roads to ensure safety.

Good Samaritan Initiative

Officials reported that Rs 10 lakh was allocated last year to 67 Good Samaritans who provided first aid and transported accident victims to hospitals. A similar amount is proposed for the 2024-26 period to continue supporting these lifesaving efforts.

High-Tech Traffic Management

Chief Secretary Raturi granted financial and in-principle approval for several high-tech traffic management initiatives. These include drone services in all 13 districts, equipping traffic signals with ANPR and RLVD systems, and deploying high-tech motorbikes, radar speed sign boards, and digital speed sign boards. Additional measures include body-worn cameras, alcometers, breath analyzers, and portable sound systems for traffic police.

Raturi also approved the installation of crash barriers, road delineators, cat eyes, and other protective infrastructure under the Public Works Department’s budget for the 2024-25 financial year. These enhancements aim to transform Uttarakhand into a zero-accident state.


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