Uttarakhand To Expect Monsoon Around June 25


As the monsoon is expected to arrive in Uttarakhand around June 25, Dehradun is preparing for a season predicted to bring above-normal rainfall. With the city’s chronic waterlogging issues, authorities from the Smart City project to other departments are making concerted efforts to strengthen the drainage system by constructing and cleaning drains.

Waterlogging has been a persistent problem in Dehradun, with just a few minutes of rain often causing significant waterlogging. Dehradun is home to more than 40 rivers and streams that swell during the rainy season. Inadequate drainage systems result in rainwater inundating nearby settlements and colonies. Additionally, the rainy season brings numerous reports of wall collapses, house falls, and waterlogging in homes and shops, creating disaster-like situations. Major markets and roads, including Paltan Bazaar, Raipur Road, and Rajpur Road, frequently face severe waterlogging, making vehicular movement and pedestrian travel difficult.

Municipal Corporation’s Proactive Measures

Municipal Commissioner Gaurav Kumar announced that the Municipal Corporation is proactively cleaning all major rivers and streams in the city, aiming to complete this work before the monsoon begins. Efforts include cleaning city drains and small waterways. A disaster control room will be established in the Municipal Corporation this month to manage emergencies. The focus is on identifying and prioritizing the cleaning of rivers and streams in areas prone to severe waterlogging.

Last year, the Municipal Corporation identified 180 waterlogging hotspots in the city. This year, they plan to deploy 10 quick action teams equipped with pumps and other necessary tools to address waterlogging swiftly at these locations. Additionally, separate teams of 10 employees each will be stationed across all 100 wards to handle emergencies.

Control Room and Rapid Response Teams

A dedicated control room will be set up in the Municipal Corporation to ensure quick response to waterlogging and related issues during the monsoon. This control room, expected to be operational before the monsoon’s onset, will coordinate with area supervisors to facilitate prompt action based on real-time information.

Waterlogging-prone Areas

Several areas in Dehradun are particularly susceptible to waterlogging, including Ajabpur, Banjarawala, Buddha Chowk, Chakrata Road, Darshan Lal Chowk, Doon Hospital Chowk, Haridwar Road, ISBT, Kanwali Road, Outside Railway Station, Paltan Bazaar, Prince Chowk, Race Course, Raipur Road, Rajpur Road, Saharanpur Road, and Shimla Bypass.


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